5 Reasons Why You Should Buy the Death in Dulwich Audiobook

Death in Dulwich: Audio Book will be available soon

Do you actually need the audiobook version of Death in Dulwich, I hear you wonder? There you are, sitting on your snuggly sofa, still surrounded by lovely presents that you got at Christmas. Why would you ever need anything else, particularly not a fresh new audiobook? Well, let me give you five compelling reasons that will have you heading right here to download it NOW:

  1. It’s the perfect accompaniment to the school run. If, like me, you’re a busy mum, and if, like me, you face a long journey to and from the school gates most days, then why not improve that dead time with a light-hearted romp that really understands mothers, mayhem – and murder?
  2. It’s a great way to ‘read’ a book without even trying. You may never have tried audiobooks before, but believe me, they’re really relaxing and enjoyable when you just don’t have time to pick up a book and actually read.
  3. The story is funny. Though I say it myself. Well, I have around 70 reviews that agree on Amazon, but the quickest way for you to find out whether I’m deluded is to download it today.
  4. There’s nothing like cozy crime to distract you from a sometimes mad world. Whether you’re worrying about Trump or Brexit, I’m sure you could do with a break. Worry about who’s killing people in Dulwich instead :). And the great thing is that it’s fiction. No real Dulwich-dwellers were harmed during the making of the audiobook – you don’t even have to worry that much.
  5. It’s the best way to make your ironing pile disappear! Just press play and off you go, and before you know it, all those really crumpled strange old bits of cloth that have been lurking at the bottom of the basket forever will be folded neatly in front of you.

I hope you’ll give the audiobook a try. I really hope you will enjoy the wonderful narration by talented actor Alex Lee. I think she’s done a fantastic job. Let me know what you think.

Death in Dulwich Audio Book Out Now

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