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It only seems like a minute since we were celebrating Lizzie Chantree’s last release, her book Networking for Authors. And now here we are with a fabulous new novel! Lizzie has certainly not been idle during lockdown.  She is an author who is best known for her cheery, upbeat romances, featuring women entrepreneurs. Shh… It’s Our Secret, is the story of how shy Violet finds the courage to follow her dream. It has plenty of the feelgood factor that we’ve come to love from Lizzie. Here she is to tell us a little more about the book.

Shh… It’s Our Secret, by Lizzie Chantree

Thank you for inviting me onto your blog today and for the amazing support for the launch of my latest book.

There are lots of ways to boost your mental health and wellbeing. Having people around that you love and trust can help. In my latest book, Shh… It’s Our Secret, Violet struggles with self-confidence and self-worth.

Violet doesn’t want her friends or her sister to view her as a failure. The customers in the rundown café bar where she works have become her confidants. They include two eccentric pensioners, who feel like they have to act as her unofficial bodyguards when her secret ‘escapes’ into public knowledge. Violet will have to find out who has betrayed her and to step out of the shadows and find her voice.

Book Blurb:

Violet has a secret that could change the lives of everyone she knows and loves, especially the regulars at the run-down café bar where she works. After losing her parents at a young age, they are the closest thing she has to a family and she feels responsible for them.

Kai is a jaded music producer who has just moved outside town. Seeking solitude from the stress of his job, he’s looking for seclusion. The only problem is he can’t seem to escape the band members and songwriters who keep showing up at his house.

When Kai wanders into the bar and Violet’s life, he accidentally discovers her closely-guarded secret. Can Kai help Violet rediscover her self-confidence – or should some secrets remain undiscovered?

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Lizzie Chantree Author
Author Lizzie Chantree

Lizzie Chantree’s biography

International bestselling author and award-winning inventor Lizzie Chantree started her own business at the age of 18. She became one of Fair Play London and The Patent Office’s British Female Inventors of the Year in 2000. She discovered her love of writing fiction when her children were little and now works as a business mentor. She runs a popular networking hour on social media, where creatives can support each other. She writes books full of friendship and laughter, about women with unusual and adventurous businesses, who are far stronger than they realise. She lives with her family on the coast in Essex. Visit her website at or follow her on Twitter @Lizzie_Chantree

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