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We like a languorous morning here at DD Towers, particularly those of us who are over twelve but under, ahem, forty-ish. That means Child 1 and Child 2, basically, who have spent the summer like happy dormice, snuggled under their duvets until ridiculous o’clock every day, except when their cruel mother has forced them out of the house to do work placements or, shiver, actual paid employment. So when coffee company Bottleshot Brew got in touch and asked us to test their barista-style coffee, delivered in a sleek aluminium flask, I thought finally I’d found a secret weapon to get everyone up and about betimes.

Bottleshot Brew is a great wheeze, particularly for students who haven’t scrabbled together the means for a fancy coffee machine. The idea is that, once a week, you get a flask of ready-made, posh coffee shop concentrate delivered to your door. You then just have to heat the brew up, dilute according to the instructions on the bottle, add milk if you like it, and off you go, turbo-charged through your day.

At the moment, there’s free delivery only to London zones one and two only  (the courier was very brave venturing into south east London to bring us our supply) but the company is hoping to grow. As they are currently offering your first bottle free on the website, Bottleshot Brew, I’m pretty sure that’ll happen swiftly.

I like the idea. It could have a real place in your routine if you don’t have a coffee machine of your own, and certainly in London it could end up saving you money. A flask of coffee, enough for a week, costs £10, while a single cup at a coffee shop is always over £2. If you want complicated frothing done with your milk, though, then this won’t help you out – though maybe they’ll bring out a milk frothing option somehow?

And did it work on Child 1 and Child 2? Well, Child 1 is doing a work placement this week, and is bright eyed and bushy tailed every morning, while Child 2 is getting going with a smidge of reading for uni… a result, I would say. Thanks, Bottleshot Brew, and good luck with it all.


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