Cadbury’s Tiffin

It’s been lovely having Child One at home over the summer, and one of the great things about her presence (apart from having someone else in the house who makes great tea and understands that a cup is a basic human requirement, once an hour, if not more often) is that she helps out with the sometimes very arduous testing work we get through here at DD Towers. So when Cadbury’s sent over samples of their delicious family-sized Tiffin bar, I knew exactly who to task with the difficult job of trying it out thoroughly.


As you can see, it went down well!

The Tiffin bar has had a chequered history at Cadbury’s. Invented in 1937, and featuring a delicious mix of biscuit, raisins and, of course, Cadbury’s Dairy Milk, it went out of production in 1972. Then it was reintroduced in 1985. And withdrawn again in 2003. Goodness knows why Cadbury’s has been performing this strange in-out, shake it all about hokey cokey with the Tiffin bar. As far as we’re concerned, it’s a keeper. And we’re not alone. Consumers have been sporadically campaigning to bring back the deliciously chewy, satisfyingly crunchy bar every time it’s been whisked away from them. Let’s hope this time it’s here to stay.

Thanks to Cadbury’s for sending us the chocolate.

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