Cadbury’s to the Rescue

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Some anxious moments during the recent snowfall as both Child 1 and Child 2 found it very hard to get to uni lectures, though surprisingly parties, clubbing and the odd drinkie in their college bars seemed to proceed very much as normal.

At least I had no fears they were going to run out of food – luckily, wonderful Cadbury had stepped in to offer them samples of its latest lines, featuring the Oreo biscuit. I’ve never totally got Oreos, maybe because they didn’t exist in the UK in my youth and, having tried them as a grownup, I found them underwhelming. Yes, they’re an intriguingly dark colour, contrasting well with the bright whiteness of the icing, but I’m not utterly convinced by the flavour. Maybe it’s my ageing tastebuds.

Luckily, such considerations cut absolutely no ice, or even snow, with my children. They grew to love Oreos in Brussels where they were a delicacy imported by homesick US expats, and by the time we got back to the UK, they had not only been heard of on these shores but had actively been taken to many bosoms.

Needless to say, Cadbury’s new Dairy Milk Oreo Sandwich and Cadbury Oreo Bites went down a (snow) storm with 1, 2 and their chums – so much so that by the time Child 2 had her camera ready, almost everything had disappeared. But I can share with you a close-up of her blue nail varnish. Happy times.

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