Death in Dulwich – 100k Pages Read

I’m really rather stunned to say that 100,000 pages of Death in Dulwich have been read so far. It’s  an odd statistic – if you say it quickly, it sounds quite amazing. If you stop to consider how many pages are in each book, it’s less surprising – it works out to about 500 copies if each is 200-odd pages. But these are Kindle pages which have really been read – clever (or naughty depending on how you look at it) old Amazon can tell when someone thumbs through their Kindle. And these are only Kindle Unlimited pages as well – there are lots of readers out there who haven’t got their copies via Kindle Unlimited but via normal Kindle, and then there are many more that have actually got paperback versions of the book as well.

Anyway,  the big thing is that these 100k pages have been read. Loads of people buy books and don’t read them, for whatever reason. They gather dust in TBR (To Be Read) piles up and down the land, on Kindles and in dusty corners, and never actually encounter a human eye. In more than eight years of publishing, having produced hundreds of books by many, many authors, my publishers say that only ten books before Death in Dulwich have hit the golden 100k. So I’m very proud and I’d like to thank you, in case you’re one of the lovely readers. And if you’re not, then maybe give it a go. There’s 100k reasons to give it a try 🙂

Death in Dulwich – 100k pages read

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