Death in Dulwich DEAL!

Just a quick one today to say that anyone who’s always fancied trying my London Murder Mystery series but has balked at the high price of, ahem, £1.99, well good news – today only it’s at a very reasonable 99p. Pop right over to and download a shiny new Kindle copy for literal pence and you’ll soon be laughing along (I hope) at the adventures of my hapless amateur sleuth, Beth Haldane. A struggling single mum, she unexpectedly lands a job at a prestigious local school – then finds herself trying to clear her name when she stumbles over a corpse on her very first day and becomes number one suspect.

Along the way, she meets the handsome but austere (and rather sexily grumpy) Metropolitan Police detective, DI Harry York, and of course the terrifying scourge of all Dulwich playgrounds, uber-mummy Belinda MacKenzie.

Can Beth, armed only with her insatiable curiosity, over-long fringe and flexible best friend, yoga teacher Katie, solve the crime before she goes down for it? And will having a young son, Ben, be a help or a hindrance?

Lots of people have loved the story – it’s got fistfuls of good reviews (which I read to cheer myself up when I’m feeling down) and there are plenty of sequels stacked up if you find you like what you read. Go on, give it a try. You know you want to xx 

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