Death in Dulwich – Music to your Ears

I’m thrilled to say that the first audiobook of the London Murder Mystery series, Death in Dulwich, is now available on Audible! 

A tale of murder, mayhem and yummy mummies, it is ideal listening, whether you’re on the school run, whiling away an evening by the fireside, or simply getting through a mountain of ironing. The adventures of Beth Haldane, SE21’s most reluctant single mummy amateur sleuth ever, will have you in stitches. The novel is expertly narrated by the very talented actor Alex Lee, a specialist in voicing cozy crime stories.

Alex brings Beth’s world to life, and you’ll be able to visualise characters like scary ubermummy Belinda MacKenzie, sinister Bursar Tom Seasons, delicious school secretary Janice and, of course, devastatingly handsome Metropolitan Police Detective Inspector Harry York, even more clearly.

Buy the audiobook here, or join Audible for a free 30-day trial and get it absolutely FREE!

Death in Dulwich audiobook, narrated by Alex Lee, written by Alice Castle





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