First world problems


Ok, bear with me. Of all my first world problems, this is almost certainly the firstiest. I may be having too many launch parties for my book. 

The thing is that, when my last novel, Hot Chocolate, was published a few years ago, it came out in Germany first so there were no parties at all. My main tasks for that lovely publisher were to write more bestsellers and possibly learn German. Sadly, I failed to do either for various reasons. I ran out of steam on chick lit ideas and, although my French is good, I never quite got to grips with German grammar. Plus there was all that life stuff getting in the way – divorce, remarriage, leaving one country, setting up in another, moving again and trying to keep at least the majority of people happy along the way.

This time around, it’s all been very different. I feel I’ve found my genre, with whodunits. It’s bliss to kill a few people off, but only if they really deserve it of course. But I’ve also discovered that there’s a huge amount of marketing involved in the UK. Writing the book is only the very, very beginning of the story.

So here I am, with a plethora of launches. Just to clarify, they are:

  1. A Facebook launch, from 9am to 2pm on 6th September, which is the actual publication day of the book. Woohoo! I’m really excited about this. It will involve some fab prizes, including tickets to the Dulwich Picture Gallery, signed copies of the book and more. All you have to do to join in is open up Facebook on your laptop/tablet/phone, look for my author page and say hello. I may do a bit of video stuff if I’m feeling madly bold. There’ll be Dulwich-related music (yes, it’s a thing) and the answers to the fiendish ‘where is this in Dulwich?’ picture quiz.
  2. A real life launch, at a small bookshop in Dulwich which has very kindly agreed to host a party for me. Should be lovely. That’s also on publication day, in the evening.
  3. A blog tour Q&A session, on Facebook, on 7th September, from 8pm to 10pm. I think this will just involve me answering questions and doing some general bookish chitchat, so just type any random queries in to me that night on my Facebook author page

I’m really looking forward to seeing you at one, two or maybe even three of my launches. I feel very lucky to have found a lovely publisher (thank you, Crooked Cat) and to have a book coming out, but as you know I hate parties, so having you there would really make me feel much braver. Hope to see you soon x


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