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As you know, sometimes kind people send me new things to test on my blog, but I confess I like it even better when they send me stuff I’d buy anyway. Berocca is one of those products I always keep in the medicine cupboard for days when someone is feeling off colour, or just a bit blah. There’s nothing like that unearthly orange fizz in a glass of water to pep up a lacklustre teenager or reluctant member of the workforce that I’m trying to pack off so I can have a cup of tea in peaceĀ get down to some serious writing.

I wasn’t altogether surprised when the Berocca boffins told me that tiredness and fatigue have become the number one health concern for Brits, with a whopping 42 per cent saying that they miss out on new experiences because of exhaustion, and 52 per cent admitting they cancel or avoid social engagements due to sheer bone-weary tiredness. Everyone seems to be doing things at a frenetic pace these days and somehow it’s the fun things that tend to get pushed to one side by sheer pressure of work. Not fair!

‘So you’re telling me it’ll make my whiskers curl?’
‘Berocca makes me extra handsome,’ says Blackjack

Let’s all take a moment to calm down, take stock, and throw a good old Berocca into a glass for that reassuringly explosive fizzing sound. While I can’t pretend to love the colour or taste of Berocca myself, I’m definitely in the minority in this house, and I’m wholeheartedly keen on the fact that each tablet is packed with B vitamins B1 and B2, as well as pantothenic acid which contributes to mental performance. Yum yum.



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