Good Eggs

It seems like a world away now but it was only about three weeks ago that I squeezed into a little temporary theatre in Webbs Road, Clapham with loads of friends. We were all bunched up together, happily sitting thigh to thigh, and squashing up even more to get latecomers in. Everyone greeting each other with kisses on both cheeks, passing glasses of wine from hand to hand. With no thoughts of sanitisers, safe distance, viruses, plagues or pandemics. It already seems a more innocent time.

Lucy Nicholson and Sarah Cameron-West in Eggs
Eggs, starring Lucy Nicholson and Sarah Cameron-West

Anyway, we were gathered to watching new acting talents Lucy Nicholson and Sarah Cameron-West starring in an excerpt from Eggs by Florence Keith-Roach.

Lucy Nicholson actor
Lucy Nicholson

Described as a ‘dark comedy about female friendship, fertility and freaking out,’ Eggs has a Fleabag-style edginess to it, and is funny and well-observed. I’d love to see the whole play. The two actors have such talent; I’m sure this is not the first two-hander, or indeed, the first play, they’ll be starring in. They both have great comic timing, and I’m told agents were quick to snap them up after this performance. I’m not at all surprised.

Sarah Cameron-West

I think the original plan was to take the show to Edinburgh for the Festival; with so much in doubt now (let’s all hope very temporarily) I’m not sure if, when or how that’ll be going ahead. But, if Shakespeare could cope with the theatres in his time going dark whenever the plague came to town (and managing to knock out King Lear, MacBeth and Anthony and Cleopatra during one such patch of quarantine) then I dare say we can manage to get up and running again too without, ahem, much ado about… well, not nothing.

Anyway, I’m looking forward very much to seeing more of these talented actors, as soon as the situation allows. And brava, girls, for putting on such a great show.

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