#JustToSay Thank you, Cadbury’s Roses

As you know, we’re massive chocoholics here and don’t need much persuading to try anything new that Cadbury’s have to offer. Roses chocolates are not exactly unheard of, as they’ve been going since, gasp, 1938 (I know! I thought they were a 1980s invention, but nope, they’ve been around since before the Second World War). So I was a bit surprised when I got the call on my special chocophone. But Roses are now in a new, and very pretty format, a flower-shaped box that makes them even more perfect as a gift, so there’s definitely something fresh to shout about. Hurrah!

I always bought them for teachers as a little, well-deserved thank you for putting up with my little dears all term. And of course we got through the odd bucket or two at home over the Christmas holidays (and no doubt will be doing the same again come December).


The new size, though, is a little more elegant, being neither a plastic tub or even one of those big chunky cardboard boxes. It’s a well-sized offering that conveys gratitude, but also respects the recipient’s desire not to keel over too quickly. I love it. In the absence of Child One and Child Two, my cat has kindly assented to pose with the Roses and I think he shows definite purr-tential as a blogging partner.



Luckily, I don’t have to shell out for presents for uni tutors. I think my girls’ enormous fees of nine grand a year each cover that. And that means I don’t have to pass this box on, for once. Yippee! And #JustToSay, thank you very much indeed, Cadbury’s.

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