Wilful Ink Chameleon

Karma Chameleon

Having edited an interior design website for quite a few years, I’ve always got my eye out for interesting homewares. But not as far out as these little chappies:


Chameleon tea towel, Wilful Ink

Aren’t they gorgeous? I do love those beady little eyes – and the rest of them too. The colour combination, though, is what does it for me. It would be perfect in my sitting room. Unfortunately, it’s a tea towel, so will have to blend in as best it can with the greys and blues of my kitchen. Well, that’s their forte so I’m sure they’ll do a great job.

A little thing like an attractively designed tea towel, not an expensive item (this one retails for £15) can really cheer up a tired scheme or, indeed, a tired schemer. I had a friend who changed all her sofa covers for spring and, one year, I tried it myself. To be honest, it was all too much hassle and expense. And then where do you store the cushions, or their covers, when you’re not using them? I’m not that dedicated to my interior, I’m sorry to say.

But these little lizardy lads have done much to perk up their surroundings. The cats weren’t one hundred per cent convinced, at first, but they’ve stopped giving them the eye. They’re still giving it to them, though.

Chameleon tea towel by Wilful Ink

If you’d like to have a look at other wares from the same stable, pop over to Wilful Ink. I really like their mixture of botanical detail, slightly spooky creatures, and a sort of quirky, vintage sci-fi edge to the whole collection.

All the wildlife depicted – frogs, birds, squids, carnivorous plants – is so extraordinary-looking it could easily come from another planet, or even universe. Some of the wallpapers have a glow in the dark finish, and some are even magnetic. There are stranger things in heaven and earth, indeed.

Many thanks to Wilful Ink for my chameleons

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