Loving Love Island

There have been many harsh words said about Love Island, and it’s true that if you’re looking for scorching intellectualism, this is most certainly not the place to find it. If, on the other hand, you are a female who’s been brought up on the idea that meeting Prince Charming is the essential end of every story, then this is the perfect show for you, as it finally shows both ends of the deal – the girls’ efforts, and those made by the boys as well. The islanders aren’t allowed to read, watch TV or use the Internet, and the aim of the game is to win £50,000 by having the strongest relationship by the end of the show (next week) So the boys, as well as the women, have nothing to do all day except nurture their relationships and talk about their feelings, and for that reason alone I think it’s worth watching.

I haven’t seen every episode, but I am enjoying it hugely, and love the little huddles where the boys get together to offer each other relationship advice and discuss how their love lives are going. I’m willing to bet quite a reasonable sum of money that this doesn’t really go on in the real world. Maybe women should always offer men a £50,000 prize for getting it right. Is this what it would take, to get men to try harder to be nice and make an effort to get on with us?

I think it’s quite an interesting experiment. There are horrible twists (the re-couplings, the expulsions) but the Islanders react quite bravely to all the challenges sent their way. One of the intriguing things about the show is how people reveal their personalities under pressure, although one must always make allowances for the cunning editing that ITV2 is doing on the footage that we see. Heroes and heroines can turn to villains in an instant, cads to chivalrous squires. And you can like a couple, even if you don’t like one of the people in it.

I’ve got my favourites, and unless something really radical happens, we all sort of know (or think we do) who’ll win this year. But getting to know all these characters that we wouldn’t necessarily come across in real life has been fascinating. I’m looking forward to next year already. Love Island 2018


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