Magpie the Cat

Beth’s cat, Magpie, plays a role in all the London Murder Mystery Series investigations, but always entirely on her own terms. Magpie is a black and white moggie, rescued from Battersea Dogs and Cats Home. She is a keen judge of character but likes to remain aloof, allowing Beth to make mistakes in the hope that eventually her poor human will learn who is trustworthy and who isn’t.

Magpie is extremely fussy about her food. It has to be top quality, none of that cheap muck from discount supermarkets, thank you very much. Although Beth has provided her with a cat bed, toys and blankets, she treats these with disdain, preferring instead to sleep on Beth’s favourite sweaters, or Beth’s son Ben’s bed as a grudging second best. She sheds plentiful hairs wherever she goes. Her favourite hobby is sharpening her claws on Beth’s sofa and, of course, shredding any of Ben’s school projects that she comes across.