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Today we’re lucky enough to be getting a return visit from one of my favourite authors, Heidi Catherine. Heidi wrote the Soulweaver trilogy which is one of those rare collections of stories where not one single word seems to be out of place. Now she has moved on to a new series of books, and I think we’re in for another treat. Over to Heidi to introduce the books:

The Whisperers of Evernow by Heidi Catherine

The Whisperers of Evernow, Heidi Catherine

Have you ever said something out loud then stopped yourself just in case the universe hears you and makes it come true? Or vice versa, have you ever intentionally said something in the hope that you could make it happen? I will get a good parking spot at the shops today… The sun will shine on my birthday… I will lose five pounds this week.

 At its core, this is what the first book in my new series is about. Except the man doing the wishing is a King and his wishes are evil. He’s so determined to succeed that he recruits an army of Whisperers, forcing them into a life of silent submission, allowed only to speak when whispering his heart’s darkest desires.

 It’s called The Whisperers of Evernow and here’s how the story begins…

“The Whisperers are whispering. The Whisperers are whispering. The Whisperers are whispering.”

A thousand hushed voices rose from the arena and swirled in the air, floating down the grassy hill and into the ears of the people in the Valley of the Blessed. They raised their heads at the familiar hum, straining to catch the words. But the whispering was too quiet, sounding more like an ocean than a wave crashing on the shore.

What did King Virtus desire this time? More riches? Another wife? Or perhaps more Whisperers to add to his army of voices?

Never did he whisper for more food for the people. More beds for the hospital. More schools for the children. The King’s Whisperers granted his wishes alone.

“The Whisperers are whispering. The Whisperers are whispering. The Whisperers are whispering.”

The Conductor swept his sword across the arena, satisfied his army’s voices were warm.

The first row of Whisperers fell into silence and knelt on their mats with their heads bowed, the hoods of their robes shading their faces. Once in place, the second row followed, then the third. This continued until the final row were on their knees. One thousand Whisperers, men and women alike, all waiting to hear the King’s deepest wish.

The Conductor raised his sword above his head, his eyes scanning his army, looking for anyone out of place. The Whisperers kept their heads down, perfectly still, barely blinking, scarcely breathing. That sword could remove a head with one swoop. Or two if the Conductor’s aim was off.

Satisfied once more, the Conductor brought the sword down slowly, holding it in front of him and resting the tip at his feet. He looked to the balcony at the rear of the arena and nodded at the waiting King. The Whisperers were ready.

King Virtus tilted his head, a subtle movement, yet it was enough.

“The Queen has birthed a son,” the Conductor whispered.

The first row of Whisperers lifted their heads and removed their hoods, eyes and ears glued to their leader.

“The Queen has birthed a son,” the Conductor repeated.

No noise could be heard as the first row of Whisperers rose to stand on their bare feet.

“The Queen has birthed a son,” they whispered.

The second row lifted their heads and removed their hoods. The Conductor nodded and they stood.

“The Queen has birthed a son,” the first two rows whispered together.

With each row that joined, the chant became louder, the arena filling with hushed voices, whispering in unison, over and over, as they brought the King’s wish to life.

It didn’t matter what the Whisperers wanted. It didn’t even matter what the Queen wanted. They all knew that soon she would birth a son.

The Whisperers accepted this would happen, just as they accepted their role in life. Their purpose was to whisper. Their power was in their voices. They were no longer individuals, with hopes and dreams and names. They were part of an army, granting wishes for their King.

Except for one Whisperer. He didn’t accept any of this.

His name was Jeremiah.

About Heidi Catherine

Heidi Catherine is an award-winning fantasy author and hopeless romantic.

Her debut novel, The Soulweaver, won Romance Writers of Australia’s Emerald Pro award and was followed by two more books in the series. The Kingdoms of Evernow is Heidi’s much anticipated new series.

She lives in Australia, not able to decide if she prefers Melbourne or the Mornington Peninsula, so shares her time between both places. She is similarly pulled in opposing directions by her two sons and two dogs, remaining thankful she only has one husband.

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