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I’m loving my occasional ‘meet the author’ posts, it’s a great way to get a privileged lowdown on new books before they even come out, and find out a bit about their authors. Today I’m really pleased to welcome Tessa Robertson to my blog. Tessa has written Assassin By Day, which will be published by Crooked Cat Books next week on September 20. 

 Tessa’s book sounds like the kind of thriller that leaves you feverishly thumbing through the pages at 3am, even when you’ve got a full day of meetings ahead and you should have been sound asleep hours ago. Just look at the cover:

Here’s the blurb, and then read on and be among the first to read an extract:
What would you do if the key to the mystery of your mother’s death lay with your employer?

After years of unanswered questions, Mishka Vald sets out to uncover the skhodka’s involvement in her past. What she doesn’t expect is to join forces with men who push her to become a double-agent. While hunting down leads, the ruthless assassin realises a life in the shadows is the only way for her to protect those she loves.

For Mishka, forbidden love is worth the pain when it comes to Eddie Harper, a military man turned cop. Her affection waivers when duty comes first and she joins forces with an elite Russian soldier, Alexei Petrovich. With a blackmailer threatening her school love, she seeks refuge with a fellow assassin, Nickolas Volkov. And when pushed too far, she’s ushered to a secure location…and straight into the arms of mysterious handyman, Dylan Kain. As the pieces fall into place, their mangled order reveals each man’s true intention. Whose deceit can she accept and whose will obliterate her?

All roads lead back to the woman she thought dead—her mother. Now, as weddings are crashed and alliances tested, Mishka uncovers a sinister game and the players involved.

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And here’s an extra special sneak preview of the book:

“More messages from Eddie as I step into the elevator. I ignore them the same way I ignore the bodyguards who have no sense of space. I don’t mind them following me around when I have no hidden agenda. It’s rather nice to have men doting on me who don’t want my body.

My eyes skim the two skhodka men. Then again, they’ll get their day at one point or another if Alexei decides to punish me.

            I hop off the elevator and wave off the shadows. I don’t need them when I see Nickolas in the living room. “To think I’d have alone time,” I complain, gaining on him. “What are you doing here? Alexei will be back any moment.”

            Nickolas eyes my bloodied apparel. “I take it your mission went as planned.”

            Shoving off my boots, I shrug. “We had a nice chat, yes.” I gaze at the dried liquid. “I don’t believe she’ll share any more secrets except with demons.”

            “Good, I’ll let your superiors know. Do you need anything further?”

            His question catches me off guard until I hear the soft footsteps nearby. Without looking, I sense Alexei’s presence. It’s a fog. A deviously wicked fog. “No, I believe you’ve been useful enough, thank you.”

I stand and meet the waiting eyes. “Alexei, I didn’t know you were back.”

My beloved tosses his jacket to the couch, holding my eyes hostage. “I’m sure you didn’t.” His gaze transfers to Nickolas then to me. “I see you’ve been busy.”

Unsheathing my knives, I study the stains. “I had an assignment pop up.”

“I’m sure that wasn’t the only thing to pop up in my absence.”

I smirk at his spiteful reply. If I didn’t know better, I’d think he was jealous.

Twisting my torso, I watch the exchange in the room. Alexei prides himself on being level headed, but his actions speak another tone. His obvious hatred for Nickolas is his own fault. He invited him, so I feel no regret over the Olympics I share with his minion.

“Leave him alone, Alexei,” I urge, tearing off my skin-tight leather shirt. I rather like the James Bond villainess look. I think I’ll keep it. My brown hair catches on the zipper and I silently curse. Damn this long hair!

I turn and notice both men gaping. It could be because I’m not wearing anything underneath or because blood’s streaked across my chest. I’m not sure which one enraptures them and I don’t care. Their attention is all I crave. I murdered a comrade. Punishment is warranted.”

 Goodness me!!
And here’s a little bit more about Tessa herself:
Tessa Robertson has been landlocked in the heart of Iowa, USA for the better portion of her life. She grew up on sci-fi and action movies, but isn’t nearly a ninja… yet. Since childhood, writing stories and reading have been a constant. Moonlighting in a law firm, she takes on her favourite cases: criminal. Her stories push the limits of standard characters and explore the thriller facets of romance and action. In her spare time, Tessa attempts to teach her Australian Shepherd and Golden Retriever new tricks; spends copious time with family; catches up on her favourite shows; and listens to country music.
Lovely to meet you, Tessa, and good luck with the book, I can’t wait to read more! 

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