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Talking about Everybody’s Talking About Jamie

Went to see the joyous musical Everybody’s Talking About Jamie at the weekend with children 3 and 4. They are now fourteen and twelve, which once I might have considered a bit young for a show about a drag queen, but these days that sort of thinking seems a little silly. Especially in view of the fact that the wannabe drag queen is just sixteen himself.

Layton Williams in Everybody's Talking About Jamie

I hadn’t realised, but the show, which I took to be a modern revamp of the Cinderella theme, is actually based on a BBC Three documentary, Jamie, Drag Queen at Sixteen.

Anyway, the show is a sequin-strewn, platform-heeled celebration of following one’s dreams, and quite right too. We all loved it. Jamie is played by Layton Williams, who was wonderful in the BBC sitcom Bad Education. I thought Hugo, aka Loco Chanelle, Jamie’s drag queen mentor, looked vaguely familiar, and it wasn’t until later I realised it was Shane Ritchie of EastEnders fame. He was fab too, and managed to make the part, which could be a tad creepy, rather poignant instead.

I had thought the whole thing was as evanescent as a soap bubble, a Billy Elliot for drag, but the fact that it’s based on a true story does give it a little more of a solid foundation. Anyway, it’s tremendous fun. If you want a great evening that will take your mind off everything, do give it a go.

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