The Party

Went to see an absolutely splendid film last night, The Party. We’d been intending to go to Armando Iannucci’s movie, Death of Stalin, but it was sold out, and The Party was very much an afterthought because we were in film mode. I wasn’t expecting anything, though from the snippet I read beforehand it sounded like one of those slightly lame British films with every jobbing actor who’s ever shown up in a Harry Potter thrown in, plus Kristen Scott Thomas for luck.

It was Scott Thomas who swung it for me, if she was in it, I decided it couldn’t be too bad. And wow, it was excellent. I won’t give it all away, except to say that it’s shot in lustrous black and white, an interesting choice, and features some wonderful star turns. Cillian Murphy, whom I couldn’t bear in Peaky Blinders, was really good, and everyone else brought their A game too. The annoying German guru Gottfried was terrific, as were all the women (plenty of them, too, which was an enjoyable novelty in itself) with Scott Thomas as ever supporting the entire production on the elegant bones and changeable planes of her face.

It’s described as a comedy wrapped around a tragedy, and I think that sums it up well. Go and see it, you’ll love it. I’m so glad Death of Stalin was full. I’m sure I’ll enjoy it when I eventually get there, but I think by comparison it will come across as slick and stodgy. The Party was a really fresh and edgy film that kept my whole attention – and had me in stitches.

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