Month: October 2008

A better place

Well, the inevitable has happened. I am sad to report that our little bunny, sweet, innocent Jiffy, who has been menaced for weeks by the Puma of Peckham, has finally gone to a better place. The spare room. Unfortunately. As you know, I was never keen to have her in the house. Or, indeed, the …

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Jury’s Out

A nice white envelope drops onto the mat, with the address all beautifully written in black ink. Things are looking up, I think – certainly a lovely change from all those horrid beige bills. I rip it open, only for an official Summons to leap out and bite me. Yikes! The Coroner, Mr John Sampson, …

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Armless Fun

Pandemonium at Child One’s school. Girls weeping at the gates, and a rather ominous ambulance stationed outside. Obviously business as usual, I think – until Child One herself staggers out onto the pavement, clutching her arm. ‘It hurts, it hurts,’ she yodells, causing every pigeon in the vicinity to shoot upwards into the air and …

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