The Murder Garden, November 2022

The eighth Beth Haldane Mystery, The Murder Garden, will be coming out in November 2022. Join Beth as her attempts to create more space for herself, Harry, Jake, Colin the Labrador and Magpie the cat bring to light her most challenging adventure yet. Along the way, Beth tangles with south-east London’s scariest builders, falls foul of her son’s teachers and rubs Katie up the wrong way. Will she solve the mystery, before the whole house tumbles into the hole in her garden? 

Beth Haldane Book Nine, May 2023

In the ninth Beth Haldane Mystery, the sudden death of a popular local councillor leaves broken hearts all over Dulwich, and Beth finds the sorrow is a bit too close to home. Despite herself, she gets dragged into an investigation – but can she sort everything out by Valentine’s Day? 

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