Month: December 2008

Glad Tidings

My loves, I bring you glad tidings – there is a Father Christmas! Yes, as unlikely as it seems, the Jolly Red-cheeked Rotund One is alive, kicking and bringing in, I do hope, a decent wage – at Southwark Council! I know this because I have just been let off a parking fine and there …

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Peckham Puma update

My darlings, just a quickie today, as True Love used to say (sniff, sniff, sniff ….). I thought you might like to see the very responsible coverage the Streatham Guardian gave of the ravening beastie in my back garden: Do have a look, my dears. It comes complete with an adorable action shot of …

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Abercrombie and Fit

Well, my dears, last weekend I finally decided my babies were grown up enough for Abercrombie and Fitch. A sensitive moment in any mother’s life, this – a passing of the baton, if you will. Though of course I didn’t take the treasures to the shop. Oh no, after the stories I’ve heard, I thought …

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