Facebook friends

I always check my junk email folder in case I have won a £10 million lottery prize and unaccountably forgotten to claim it. Today, I found something there which was even more unlikely. ‘Pinetastic Furniture wants to be your friend on Facebook!’ shrilled the email. Well, no it doesn’t. Pinetastic Furniture does not want to …

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Medals for Mums

I was struggling round the supermarket yesterday, mustering the ingredients for the Book Group dinner chez moi, and muttering grimly, ‘the first rule about Book Group is … I wish there were no Book Group….’ (naturally I love it when it’s at everyone else’s houses and I can nosh the night away. But when it’s at …

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Teen surfers

Two very nice ladies came to see me this morning to tell me all about Norton’s clever new OnlineFamily system. It’s basically designed to be a high tech virtual playpen, keeping your children out of all that bad stuff on the web. It’s designed for more technology friendly families than ours, I think. We only have …

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