In pieces

Parenting is hard. Step-parenting is HARDER. As hard as a nasty little piece of Lego that you’ve just trodden on. That was certainly my feeling this morning, when I dropped a precariously-balanced pile of the stuff and got some lodged in my dainty instep when clearing up. How is it that they always find the …

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A happy Lego birthday

One of the joys (ahem) of blended family life is the occasional scheduling surprise. For instance, yesterday morning I was pootling along with a few exciting little plans for the day – work, maybe a coffee with a friend, tackling the mountain of rubbish in the garage again – when TL said as he rushed …

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High heels

A lovely surprise, just when I needed it, when I was, ahem, checking out my book’s sales on Amazon. I know it’s a bit sad, but in fact I know authors who spend a lot of time rearranging stacks in bookshops so that their own wares come out on top. At least I don’t do …

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