St Andrews

Back and forth

Well, we’ve had our long-awaited trip to St Andrews, and very fabulous it was too. Going back was like meeting a friend who has aged particularly well. Stunningly well. In fact, St Andrews has had the equivalent of a complete facelift, with liposuction and new boobs thrown in. It’s like Richmond, or Dulwich, or Blackheath …

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The mists of time

Well, I was roundly abused by my dearest friends from St Andrews yesterday. Apparently I NEVER used to walk along the pier as my daily constitutional. All I can say is that I did, and maybe they just weren’t up early enough due to their own decadent lifestyles to catch me striding through the deserted …

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Back to the future

Next month, I’m taking Child Two to see my old university, St Andrews. No one is more surprised about this than me. I’m surprised to be going back there for the first time, surprised to have a daughter the right age (or almost) for uni and surprised that she’s interested. Most of my stories about …

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