Month: January 2010

On the list

I’m not sure what to make of the news that Debenhams is setting up divorce lists, as a trendy alternative to wedding lists. I imagine the idea is that the newly separated can get friends to chip in and buy them a replacement for the toaster abandoned when they scarpered from the marital home.   …

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Living and learning

One of the things I like best about blogging is those moments when I take a deep breath and actually venture out from behind the safe barrier of my computer screen and meet real people. I’m not gregarious by nature. I often find people frightening, or strange (as I’m sure they may well find me) and …

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Getting your groove back

Off to appear on Ingrid Marsh’s lovely Getting Your Groove Back on the utterly gorgeous Sydenham Radio between 7.30 and 8.30 tonight. Bit nervous so wish me luck!

Shiny, Happy People

I’m so glad that lovely Linda from You’ve Got Your Hands Full has tagged me with the Shiny, Happy People meme. It’s partly that Linda is one of the funniest people I know, able to toss off (OMG, she’s going to love that) effortless lines that have me crying with laughter, and partly that I …

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Bloggers for Haiti

I’m often amazed at the strangeness of the blogging world – that I should somehow enjoy laying my heart bare for all to see, that you should somehow enjoy reading it, that you should want to comment (sometimes) on what you read and that I should draw such strength from those comments and from the knowledge …

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My last word on the matter

I am hugely indebted to G for this totally, utterly and completely naughty snippet from someone, somewhere at our august BBC. What on earth do we Brits pay our licence fees for? The language! Readers of a sensitive nature may care to look away now ….

Wordless, Snowless Wednesday

So nice to see a bit of grass without snow on it …… …..even if it’s on a car. Though Child One said as we drove past, ‘don’t these people know that their company looks like it’s called Easig Ass?’