Month: April 2013

Tea and sympathy

Everyone has their achilles heel – and mine is my throat. Yes, it’s an odd image, but somewhat appropriate for a gal who has been known to put her foot in it…. Anyhoo, I’ve got a horrible, horrible sore throat. I had plans to show you my latest crochet project (it’s not going very well, …

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Dress code

Sponsored post My eldest daughter absolutely loves her new school and, much to my relief, is really thriving there. The one thing that drives us both mad, though, is the dress code. She’s in the sixth form, but they don’t have to wear uniform – they are supposed to turn up each day in ‘interview …

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Bad education

Child One had a few of her friends round the other day and they were watching Bad Education, with Jack Whitehall. If you haven’t seen it, you should – it’s funny for all the wrong reasons, and therefore quite irresistible. I watched it the first time round with Child Two, when One was all out …

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Food for thought

“It’s so hard not to eat all the time,” said Child Two the other day as we moseyed around the Westfield shopping centre at Stratford. We had mistakenly taken the escalator into the food court (we were looking for shampoo) and we were surrounded by enormous heaps of food. I could see fudge, biscuits, chips, …

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Pester power

I’ve never heard anyone go all gooey-eyed and say, ‘oh, I’d really love a teenager. They’re so cute, all those empty cups in their rooms, the piles of dirty clothes, the 3am phone calls …’ Just as well, when you have a baby, that the teenage years are a long, long way away. By then, …

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Glove affair

Can you believe I made this glove yesterday? All right, it’s not exactly finished, and yes, it’s one short of a pair, but I’m pretty proud nonetheless. Look at the lacy bits! It’s meant to be a surprise for Child One, whose hands go purple when she’s playing the piano. Admittedly, the heating is not …

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Over exposure

Hmm, just read an enormous article in the Observer about YouTube video bloggers. Apparently they are now all the rage and becoming uber-famous. One of them only started in December and already has ten gazillion regular viewers and advertisers coming out of his ears. I’m afraid I have to admit, ignobly and shamingly, that these …

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Snow joke

Snowing again! When am I ever going to be able to plant anything? Or turn off the heating? Obviously, I’m not in the dire straits of those poor farmers digging frozen lambs out of drifts, but still …. grrr ….