Oykos Pina Coco Paradise

Sponsored post  Ironically, I’m writing about the perfect summer yoghurt on a day when it’s grey, windy and rainy outside and I am sitting here wearing a jumper and seriously contemplating wrapping a scarf around myself too. But when we tested Oykos’s new Pina Coco Paradise yogs at the weekend, it was beautifully sunny and …

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Easter eggs

Sponsored post My lovely friends at Cadbury’s have had a difficult Easter, what with all the hooha about what to call their lovely hunt and how religious their eggs should be these days. Goodness, how much time people do have to get cross. Well, they’ll always be Easter eggs to me and I’ll always be …

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A big Cadventure

Sponsored post Terrific excitement in the post today as I opened a humble jiffy bag, only to discover this cornucopia of Cadbury’s delights inside:   I do love the elves at Cadbury’s, especially as they  are working extra hard this year as Cadvent has just been launched. Cadvent is a unique Cadbury’s twist on Advent …

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