Month: May 2014

A View from the Bridge

I was lucky enough to see a View from the Bridge last night at the Young Vic. What a play! I feel as though I am only just recovering. It was a frighteningly good production, pared down to the minimum. There was almost no set, the characters prowled an empty cube, clothes were drab, there …

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Open house

Great fun at the weekend at the Dulwich Open House. The idea is basically that artists throw open their homes and let you have a look at their artworks – and hope to sell you some. The reality is that a lot of nosy people (like me) potter around other people’s houses making loud comments …

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Walk the walk?

Child Two’s theme for her school’s muck-up day (the last day before the GCSE exams begin) was Fairy Tales. But, after a few hours of larking about in tutus draping fairy lights and loo paper all over the school, two of her friends found their own story growing decidedly darker. On the way home, they …

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