Open house

Great fun at the weekend at the Dulwich Open House. The idea is basically that artists throw open their homes and let you have a look at their artworks – and hope to sell you some. The reality is that a lot of nosy people (like me) potter around other people’s houses making loud comments about the wallpaper while ignoring the masterpieces for sale. ¬†For years I’ve been doing the latter, but this Saturday I spent a few hours on the other side of the fence, minding a friend’s beautiful print collection. She’d jetted off to the States with her husband. He’s being interviewed for a job that we are all hoping he won’t get (because we don’t want them to leave) but he inevitably will as he’s so clever. Ah well.

Anyway it was great fun showing off my very talented friend’s wares. I just about resisted the temptation to pretend all her intricate, stunning prints were my own work – though it was hard, especially when people were asking about printing techniques and I was having to sit there making up a lot of stuff about acid and etching and dry point work (what is that?). I managed to do a tiny bit of selling, and a lot of chatting, and sat there very happily doing my crochet with a lady who makes lampshades and is a new crochet convert.

I had chats about Swedish literature, cricket and a million conversations about the weather, as the heavens threw everything from hail to bright sunshine at us. And the good news is that it’s Open House again next weekend. If you’re around, give it a go.


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