Month: August 2014

A lot to conceal

It’s probably having teenage daughters, or maybe just because I’m getting older, but these days I am increasingly enjoying buying and trying make-up. I’ve always been a complete sucker for the idea of ‘hope in a jar’ – the excitement of lovely packaging and extravagant promises ….usually followed inevitably by a remarkably unchanged (but poorer) …

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Paint them black

What a tragic story this week about black cats being abandoned because they are less photogenic than other types. It’s true that sometimes, our own black cat can appear as an amorphous blob in pictures, but mostly that’s because of the quality of the photographer (ahem), not the subject, and does not make him one …

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Pram Glam

Sponsored post Even now the girls are pretty much grown-ups and have a far more complex social life than me, there are still days during the summer holidays when they are milling around aimlessly. At just such a moment, an invite pinged into my inbox from those lovely folk at Persil. ‘Come and meet stylist …

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