Month: April 2017

Easter eggs

Sponsored post My lovely friends at Cadbury’s have had a difficult Easter, what with all the hooha about what to call their lovely hunt and how religious their eggs should be these days. Goodness, how much time people do have to get cross. Well, they’ll always be Easter eggs to me and I’ll always be …

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Facebook friends

All around the country teenagers are weighing up their uni choices. The dreaded UCAS machine has processed reams of information and is now spitting out potential places, which your children and mine will be trooping off to in September and October – if they get the right grades. It can be hard to make a …

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I think it’s about time I updated you on our theft. As you know, an evil person took a lot of jewellery from us. Since I’m a writer of whodunnits, I feel I should probably string this out, introduce lots of suspects and throw a red herring or two into the pot, but as many …

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