Cadbury’s Obey Your Mouth House


If you’re looking for some last ditch summer fun with the kids, and you just happen to be in Glasgow on 27th and 28th August, then hurry down to the Cadbury’s Obey Your Mouth House.

Cadbury has taken over five shipping containers on London's Southbank allowing fans to explore the uniqueness of each individual bar in the Cadbury range. The Obey your Mouth House is open from the 3rd - 5th of June.



























Anything in Cadbury’s beautiful purple livery is fabulous as far as I’m concerned, and this house of fun activity looks no exception. You walk through a giant mouth to start with, and then can choose from five different rooms, all themed to represent the ‘big five’ Cadbury’s bars – Wispa, Twirl, Crunchie, Double Decker and Boost. There’s a live DJ in the Crunchie room, to ensure you get the genuine Crunchie ‘Friday feeling’, and each of the other rooms strives to live up to its own particular bar.

To be perfectly honest, my favourite Cadbury’s activity is to curl up on the nearest sofa with a Wispa or a Twirl and pretend the rest of the world doesn’t exist. It’s possible that your children may have more energetic ideas, and the Obey Your Mouth House ought to satisfy them all.

And, in case you are wondering about the health implications of all that chocolate, it’s worth remembering that Cadbury’s singles bars are now all under 250 calories each. Just try not to eat more than ten of them at one sitting. Not that I’ve ever done that. Ahem.


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