The Bauble Basher

 As we are now enjoying that curious ceasefire in the festivities between Christmas and New Year, let me show you exactly why the tree at Divorce Towers is never, ever, ever going to make it into the pages of World of Interiors.

Every time my back is turned, a certain furry someone creeps into the sitting room and removes a choice bauble:


Then, if she thinks she can get away with it, then Mme Bovary will take hold of the poor, defenceless bauble, and attempt to kick it to bits ……


She is soooo naughty!

If, by lucky chance, I am around and hear the distinctive whirring, kicking clicking sound of cat-versus-bauble, I will rush in and see this:

pushk“What, Mummy? It wasn’t me, honest!”

I’ve heard this a hundred million times from the girls – but from the cat, it really takes the biscuit! Perhaps you can guess my response from the next picture:


Oh yes, it’s all festive fun and games at Divorce Towers!*

Happy New Year everyone, with a big mwah from me xx and let’s all have a fab 2010.

* Can I just point out that no super-naughty pussycats were harmed in the making of this blog – though they probably should have been

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