Chocolate Weetabix

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When Weetabix asked me to try its new chocolate variety, I had a cunning plan. I’ve never been massively keen on Weetabix – the biscuits look too much like really harsh bathmats for my liking.  But I do know that they are very good for you, being only wheat, and wholewheat at that. So I decided to get someone else to do the testing for me – my children. Well, what on earth are they good for, these days? You can’t even send them up a chimney to do a decent day’s work any more, as everyone has central heating round here.

So the fateful morning dawned, and a collosal package arrived. A little large, I thought, for 24 Weetabix biscuits, unless they were using a massive amount of chocolate in the new recipe, in which case I was going to be doing  the testing myself after all. But in the box was a nice bowl, a chocolate spoon (I put that away in a cupboard pronto),  a selection of lovely toys from Hamleys and the stars of the show, the new chocolate Weetabix themselves.

The girls obligingly settled down to munch. The package was opened, and we sniffed appreciatively. Yum. ‘It smells of chocolate crispy cake,’ pronounced Child One. A very good start. They were soon tucking in, and enjoying the experience thoroughly, from the odd appreciative little snortle that I heard.

All good – until today, when I tried to get them to write up their reviews. ‘Muuuuuum, you  know I’ve got lots of stuff to do, I’m waaaaay too busy at the moment ….’ said Child One, heading off for urgent updates on Facebook. As school has now broken up it’s vital she keeps in constant contact with everyone at every possible moment of the day to discuss each nuance of how bored everyone is being stuck with their families. I tried to back Child Two into a corner instead. ‘But Muuuuuuum, you’ve been nagging away at me for ages to clean my room and I was just going to do it …..’ I checked quickly for pigs flying overhead but decided I’d better give her the benefit of the doubt. A tidy bedroom in the hand is worth two reviews in the bush, or something, probably.

‘But what am I going to say about the Weetabix, then?’ I said plaintively. ‘Just tell them we liked it, Mum. That’s all they need to know.’

Well, there you have it – they like it. And they really do, they’re still eating it. Thanks, Weetabix.

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