A bit of a gamble can do you good

Taking A Risk on A New Place is A Winning Move

We recently did a spot of house-hunting on the Kent coast. I’ve always been a big fan of Margate and Broadstairs, and we usually do day runs down to the beaches when the weather is fine – which is all lovely, but you tend to drive back late in the evening with family members weighed down from the day’s activities. How much easier it would all be if we had a pied-a-terre. I’d be happy with a beach hut and I can imagine that painted in pastels and bedecked with a judicious selection of lovely floral prints. But they seem to cost as much as small houses.

Although it’s a bit of a pipe dream, we do allow ourselves the occasional look at a house or a flat. Well, anyone can dream, right? But I was wondering how it’s actually like living in these places. To be honest, some of these areas look gloomy the moment the sun goes down. Would it actually be fun to be there even out of season? Sometimes, I think not, but again it depends on how you spend your time in that place. When it’s raining and the beach front is lashed by winds, the only thing to do is stay at home. But you can still do other engaging activities like catching up on the episodes of Peep Show playing at foxybingo, and baking some goodies. Speaking of bingo, two lucky Brits won more than a million UK pounds last year playing it. If I were as lucky as them then I could finally afford buying my dream beach hut.

I’m not sure where our house search will lead us. We realized that we need to concentrate more on the area, and not just the house. I’m such a sucker for a lovely fireplace that I sometimes forget the bigger picture; which involves us spending real time in that destination. That means, we need to get to know if the people in that area are friendly and what other activities can be done even when the busy English summer is over. Maybe we need a travelling beach hut or a camper van. What do you think?

Bingo! It's a beach hut

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