A lovely day ….

I spent such a lot of time gazing at this screen, I sometimes forget what fun it is to get out and about. I find myself turning down invitations, making my world smaller and smaller, telling myself, and others, that I have thousands of words to get down and can’t possibly step away from the computer …..and then I do get out and realise that I love it. Particularly meeting other bloggers and bloggy folk.

Last week I had such a lovely day, first chatting with the ladies from Allinson’s www.bakingmad.com for a yumyum breakfast at the Wolseley in Piccadilly, then catching up with the gorgeous Jo Beaufoix and meeting lovely Insomniac Mummy for the first time (in the flesh) at 3 Monkeys PR.

Baking Mad is a great idea, as it has, amongst various forums, helpful hints and recipes, an actual online baking guru, who can sort out your profiterole faux pas and your cupcake conundrums. I asked the ladies whether it was like NHS Direct for bakers – and they said, ‘yes – but quicker.’ Who could resist?

3 Monkeys must have the trendiest offices in Christendom, with silver leather sofas, the monkey wallpaper that Jo has featured on her blog and lovely purple plastic  chandeliers. If I hadn’t been so overwhelmed by finding we were giving a talk to a roomful of PRs, I would have definitely tried harder to snatch one of the chandeliers.

Oh yes, and on the way between engagements, I managed to pop in on Fortnum and Mason, Hatchards and the Profumeria di Santa Maria Novella shop in Piccadilly.


When I started blogging, over three years ago, I really never dreamed that anyone would read my little diary, much less that it would lead to serious chats about cupcakes and us getting a round of applause in a funky office. What a funny world blogging is. But I can’t help but love it.

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