A mixed bag

It’s going to be a bit of a pick and mix post today, I’m afraid – my head is all over the place as I fail to pack, fail to print out a boarding card, and fail to get the slightest bit organised for a lovely bloggy trip to Port Aventura near Barcelona in Spain.

As usual, I’m not completely sure why I’ve been asked – though I’m thrilled that I have – or why I’ve said yes – except that some of my lovely Disney chums Are We Nearly There Yet Mummy and Littlemummy are going, as well as fabulous bloggers Sticky Fingers  and Jo Beaufoix  . Plus, of course, my children are with Mr X and even I am a bit sick of gazing at my telly cupboard. I really need a breeeeak, and feel very, very lucky indeed to be having one. Thanks so much, kind Port Aventura people!

I also found myself delightfully mystified at the launch of new website supersavvyme this week. It’s full of useful bits and bobs about mothering and, along the way, has competitions featuring Proctor and Gamble products, as it is P and G running the whole thing. As contests include winning a year’s supply of Pantene shampoo, which we use by the bucketload at Divorce Towers (I’m always telling people the conditioner is absolutely brilliant to slather on when you shave your legs, leaves them lovely and smooth) I shall have no hesitation in going over to have a rummage. But is it what mothers are really looking for?

As I walked in, I was greeted with the old chestnut that Diet Coke is great at getting all the crusty bits off burnt saucepans (forgive me, lovely Rosie Scribble!). Later, the face of supersavvyme, Lowri Turner, presented us with a new chestnut – if you leave piles of conkers around your house, you’ll frighten spiders away as they don’t like the smell.  Frankly, I’m with the wonderful Potty Mummy  on this, I don’t believe it for a minute and anyway, there’s no way I could leave a pile of anything lying anywhere for more than two seconds, but I could listen to Lowri for hours – she’s very funny. She used to be fashion editor on, I think, the Standard when I was working on newspaper diaries and she had the reputation (I’m sure she’ll correct me if this is wrong) for being banned from various fashion shows for being unfashionably truthful. Then she was a brilliant frontwoman for DIY SOS (I’m a sucker for home makeover shows), then she wrote a novel and now she’s doing this. As she mentioned in passing that she’s seen off two husbands now, my respect for her just grows.  

And the lunch, with the lovely A Modern Mother , blog whizz Who’s the Mummy?, super Single Parent Dad, lovely Sticky Fingers , Bringing Up Charlie (with Charlie) and gorgeous Jo Beaufoix , was super-delish. It was one of those occasions when I was starving, and dying to shove everything within reach into my mouth – but I held back, because I simply can’t overeat in front of other women. Is anyone else the same? Men, I don’t mind so much – I kid myself that they’ll hope my hearty appetite is an indicator of other appetites to come. But women, no. I toy with lettuce leaves and pretend I never eat at lunchtime.

As a result, I picked at the yummy rare beef open sandwiches, I shunned the crispy crunchy chips (swoon) and even turned my nose up at a salad with a superbly peppery dressing, while my tummy rumbled away. I was highly tempted just to open up my big handbag and sweep a whole load of sandwiches in as I left, but I was boringly polite and held back.

Now, with an empty fridge as I’m off on my travels, I’m really kicking myself, obviously.

Hasta la vista, everyone!

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