A moo approach

IT strikes me that perhaps I have taken a slightly ‘glass half empty’ approach to the cow pictures I showed you over the weekend.

It’s true that the cow looks like a bit of a sitting duck, to use a worrying cross-species metaphor, as she waits patiently with her poor head stuck under the fence. But who is to say that she is not enjoying the attentions of her male admirer, as he sneaks up behind her? Perhaps he is not even sneaking at all, but is saying loudly to her, ‘listen, love, all right, I don’t quite have the right tool to pull you out, but I do have something here that might take your mind off things until the farmer gets here ….’ And maybe, maybe, she is mooing back the equivalent of, ‘oh goody, how clever of you to come over and cheer me up.’

A few male friends have certainly commented that, were they to find themselves with their heads stuck under a gate, they would consider someone coming along and shagging them as ‘a result.’

I do want to be an optimistic sort of person. I want to believe that even poor cows stuck in tight corners can have lots of fun. I think the trouble with this picture, for most women observers, is that the cow has very little choice in what’s going on behind her back. Though at a pinch I suppose she could always sit down suddenly.

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