Bad Mother Moment


I had a Bad Mother Moment last week.

In fact, I feel so bad about it that it’s taken me all this time to bring myself to write about it.

We were at an end-of-term party for one of the girls’ activities. There was loud music playing. There were a lot of mummies chatting. The children were doing their stuff. And I missed one of my daughter’s big moments. She got a prize, and I didn’t see her collect it. I didn’t even clap. I was too busy chatting to the person next to me. To be honest, I didn’t even know that she’d gone up to collect a prize, the place was so crowded. The first I knew of her triumph was when she threw her trophy in my lap and stormed off. Oh dear.

Now, please cheer me up, and tell me I’m not the worst mother in the world?

Or, better still, tell me your own Bad Mother Moment!

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