Behind the mask

As you know I’m pretty random in the subjects I cover – anything from crochet to cookery, with a lot of teenage angst in between – but I’m thinking of spreading my wings even further. As I always say right upfront if something is sponsored (I usually use an orange subheading saying ‘Sponsored Post’), I hope you know that if it doesn’t say sponsored, it isn’t, and I’m just writing from the heart. And, even when I’ve been sponsored, I tell it like it is. If I don’t like something I won’t say I do. Anyway, I’ve been interested for years in interior design – ever since I could change the wallpaper in my doll’s house by buying a new sheet of wrapping paper – and I’m also pretty keen on beauty products, being as vain as the next person, as long as the next person is Samantha Brick. So from now on I’ll write about these topics too, occasionally.

That was just a long ramble to introduce my subject of the day – a truly wondrous product I bought from the Sanctuary Spa last time I was there. Yes, yes, I know I’m very lucky to live in London and also to get treated to the occasional lovely pampering session (thanks again, lovely Kelloggs All Bran folk). But this is something I bought all by myself, with my own money. It’s the Sanctuary Five Minute Thermal Detox Mask. It comes in a grey tube and is grey in colour too, but when you put it on your face, boy oh boy, it suddenly heats up! It’s quite an extraordinary sensation. No doubt there’s an explanation somewhere but I would just lie back and enjoy that five minutes if I were you. You rinse off and your face will feel all glowy. I really like it, and what’s more, I have used it lots. I have a cupboard full of these things, bought in the afterglow of a lovely facial, and three-quarters never get used again. But this one I’ve slapped on a few times, and both Child One and Child Two love it too. At about a tenner a tube, from Boots and others, it’s not ruinous either. If you feel like a bit of a pick-me-up, give it a go and let me know what you think.

Thermal detox mask - all warm and tingly

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