Bonfire Night

Hope your Bonfire Night went with a bang! We went to the open-air display on Blackheath, one of the last free displays left in London. By the afternoon, the police had blocked off roads and put up metal barriers through the village, which always adds to the sense of anticipation (and annoys motorists). We started off the evening with a wonderful choral concert at St Margaret’s, Lee, our local church, including Handel’s music for the Royal fireworks.

As night fell, we set out and joined a moving stream of people walking to get up to the heath. There aren’t many times nowadays when I feel at one with a purposeful crowd. Perhaps this is why people like festivals and concerts. It was a cold night, which I think adds to the whole experience. Layering on the scarves and gloves and swishing through crisp leaves brings back memories of bonfires past.

Up on the heath, there was a funfair in full swing, with coloured lights flashing to rival the fireworks. A couple of stalls were selling hot dogs and drinks, and the air was full of the irresistible smell of really cheap burgers. The fireworks included huge red hearts and even smiley faces, which I’ve never seen before. They were lovely, and my photo – of course – doesn’t do them any kind of justice.


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