Tartan terrors

I don’t know who keeps sending me the House of Bruar clothing catalogue, but I would just like to say a very big thank you. No matter how grey the day, no matter how the hormones may rage at Divorce Towers (and boy, do they rage, with me, two teenage girls and a highly-strung cat on board), Bruar’s unique take on country clothing always has us screaming with laughter.

Take these outfits:

Hmmm, I think I’d cut quite a dash in those at the Argos in Peckham, my destination this fine morning. Or how about:

Yes, ginormous flapping tartan culottes are just the thing for strolling around Dulwich Park.

How about this next one? Here, I can just imagine the male model, Hamish, whispering to his colleague, ‘don’t worry darling, I promise, the moment the shoot is over, we’ll burn those pink moleskin slacks. You can stick a stake in them first if you like.’:

Now it’s over to you. What is the model saying in this picture, as she fingers her riding crop? Do let me know!

* I should say the catalogue is also full of lovely cashmere things and probably all the clothes make a lot more sense if you live in the wilds of Scotland. Snort.

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