Cheering up

Feeling a little better, due to three factors:

1. This amazing Jackson Pollock widget (see righthand side of blog, underneath ‘subscribe to DD’). All you do is let your cursor lead you a merry dance. Every time you click, the colour of the trail will change. And all the colours co-ordinate with each other! It’s heaven. I copied this from clever Suburbia’s lovely blog, Moments from Suburbia. Thank you, it’s really cheered me up!

2. Cadbury’s chocolate peanuts. These, as I have already reported, are a little disappointing – very small in size, a bit similar in appearance, I’m afraid, to bunny droppings. They don’t taste particularly chocolatey, either. Frankly, I prefer unknown brand Jamesons. BUT during my last few snarfing sessions on the sofa, I have chortled not inconsiderably over the back of the packet. Yes, laborious instructions on how to reseal the bag, to keep the contents fresh, when you put them away in the cupboard in between snacking sessions. Ahahahaha! As if!

3. Lovely friends. Thanks!

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