Dog days of summer

One person’s ‘oddball indie comedy film’ is another’s melancholy tale spiked with tragedy, as Child One, Child Two and I found out yesterday while watching Weiner Dog. It’s been getting five star rave reviews in all my favourite papers so, fresh from the triumph of Ghostbusters, we were all set for another feel good summer movie. And besides, Child Two loves dachshunds. She has them on mugs, socks, pencil cases, lip balms …. you get the picture.



Well, unfortunately we got the picture too. I won’t give anything away, but if you love dogs maybe think deeply before heading off to the movie. I don’t think it’s my sense of humour at fault – I remember laughing like a drain at A Fish Called Wanda and I’m sure I would still love that film now. I did like bits of Weiner Dog, and it has a stellar cast. But everyone’s having a horrible time, including the poor sausage star, and I suppose I just want to have a happy summer.

We’re off to see Absolutely Fabulous this afternoon to chase the sad doggy shadows away. I’m assuming that really is a feel good summer movie? Or is it revenge of the killer hemlines in disguise? Please tell me – quickly – if it is.

dog 2

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