Don’t let our lollipops get licked!

My dear friend Dulwich Mum is probably better known for her impeccable taste in doggies (she has a divine cockapoo) than for her ardent political activism. But there is a time when even the most dedicated of Dulwich mothers must throw down her frappucino and man the barricades in pursuit of truth and justice. Or at least threaten to sack her au pair if she doesn’t man the barricades for her, and maybe give them a bit of a polish¬†while she’s up there.¬†

So this morning found Dulwich Mum and I protesting for all we were worth at the Coalition’s vile attempt to cut off our lollipop man in his prime. Dulwich Mum has all the political facts at the ends of her beautifully manicured fingertips. I just know that we need more lollipop men and women on our streets, not fewer. The chap who works outside my own girls’ school is a joy. He always waves me forward so I can get the best parking space. I simply couldn’t do without him, and the children find him handy for crossing the road too.

But seriously, this is a country-wide problem. We all understand there have to be cuts to protect bankers’ bonuses keep the country functioning, but not our lollipop folk, please. Children get killed on the roads every year. Please don’t let the government take away this vital service. If you’d like to sign Dulwich Mum’s petition, click here. Go on, please.

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