Double trouble

Back when I was having babies, the two-year gap was the aspiration. You’d recovered enough from the first for it to be a slightly less blood-spattered memory, while still having all the babygros, tiny mittens, changing stations and other baby gear that is highly expensive and only useful for a couple of months. My girls are, very neatly though I say so myself, two years apart.

Of course, this means we are currently in Exam Hell. This is something that doesn’t cross your mind in the early days, when it’s all about weaning foods and first steps. But taking on GCSEs and A levels together is not pleasant, neither for Child One, Child Two or me. We are all fairly seriously frazzled, and that’s despite having a supply of Easter eggs to keep us going.

I’ve been offering to test, or not to test, or to take them out, or to make them stay in. Whatever I suggest, it gets pretty much the same reception. At least we are all taking it in turns to panic about the end result (though naturally I will deny this till my dying day).

It was with the relief of a alcoholic spying a pubful of whisky that I came across these clever revision plans:





If you have a two year gap, or even a singleton exam-struck teen, you might well want to give them a go too. Thanks to

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