Extreme Close-up

On Fridays I go to an art class. I know, it’s a tough old life, but what can you do? Our teacher is hugely talented. When we arrived last week, we had this to draw:

It’s a perfect little fairy garden she made using a square of astroturf, some dwarf hyacinths and daffodils from her garden, scallop shells and stones, and a large dash of imagination. We were all beside ourselves at the beauty of this little miniature garden. She was dismissive. ‘Oh, it’s just like those gardens you used to make with the children when they were small …’

Erm, what gardens? I’ve never made a garden like that in my life. Here’s a bigger picture so you can see how small it really was. And yes, that is a tiny bird’s nest in the branches. With a little feathery bird inside. Sigh.


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