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‘You’re so sweet, I should give you up for Lent,’ says one of the characters in Katie Fforde’s lovely new book, Wedding Season. It’s a deliciously appropriate line for this toothsome tale of three friends whose lives become as interwoven as a Curly Wurly – though we shouldn’t be mentioning those as they’re made by Cadbury’s, and Fforde’s book is part of Galaxy’s wonderful 1 million book giveaway.

The book’s true heroine is Sarah, a meticulous, not to say control freakish, wedding planner who has a dark secret. She doesn’t – gasp – believe in love. As you can imagine, such a state of affairs cannot be allowed to continue, especially when there’s a handsome, rufty tufty photographer who keeps popping up at every wedding Sarah organises. Possibly because she keeps booking him. He’s a great photographer, you see. It’s not because she fancies him. Oh no, not much. And she’s not in denial either. Oh, most definitely not …..

Along the way, Sarah becomes close to Elsa, a reclusive but brilliant dress designer, and Bron, a hairdresser who just happens to be able to combine backcombing with baking and icing fairytale wedding cakes. It would seem this top team could say ‘I do’ to any wedding scheme and make it turn out happily ever after. But are they about to have their skills tested to the limit?

Throw in a spoilt superstar bride-to-be who nobody dares to gainsay, and a couple who just happen to own a mouldering stately home begging to be a wedding backdrop, and you’ve got a luscious read which probably won’t leave you totally exhausted intellectually, but will have you pleasantly engaged right up to the confetti-strewn ending.

If you like the sound of that, then good news – I have a copy of Katie Fforde’s Wedding Season to give away. Just leave a comment and I will draw one lucky winner next week. Good luck!

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