Good times

Hurray! The lovely Tara over at Sticky Fingers has chosen a subject this week for her Gallery that even I, the world’s worst photographer, can enter. It’s favourite photos.

My favourite photo is, of course, of my girls. It was taken five years ago, on a gorgeous, crisp, snowy New Year’s Day in Brussels. It’s not just that the girls look rosy-cheeked, happy and positively edible in their cuteness (in a mother’s possibly biased opinion), it’s also that, for once, we had all the right equipment at the right time. I’d just bought a beautiful sleigh from the massive flea market in the medieval town centre, known as the Jeux de Balles, and it had promptly snowed for us right on cue.  Then I’d managed to shoe-horn both girls into delectable matching hats and scarves – please note the outrageously winsome jumper and bobble hat modelled by Child Two, patterned with reindeer  – couldn’t you just eat that right up with a spoon? And look at Child One’s adorable flowery wellies. Sigh. It’s a far cry from today’s Doc Martens and skirts up to here. Not that they don’t look lovely in whatever they’re wearing. But will they let me wrap them up in layer after layer of fleece on a cold winter’s day? Er, what do you think? or, ‘gerroff, mother,’ as they now put it.

I do so love this picture, from the perfect frosting of white on the hedges, to the girls’ look of anticipation at the day of sledging ahead. Good times. Simple times.

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